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Men And Satnavs

Men more likely to overrule satnavs than women



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Who Pays On A Date?

Age of Equality: Who pays on the first date?

This shouldn’t matter, right?


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To celebrate this event, here are photos of me streaking in a hotel.

That’s me mustering enough courage to step out that door.

Getting ready to walk the hallway.

Here goes nothing (literally)!

Whew! That was both scary and fun!

Photos were first published at FHM Philippines.

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Online Jewelry Store

How Gemvara Is Changing the Way Fine Jewelry Is Bought Online

Call me old fashioned, but some items are better bought in stores. Jewelry is one of them.

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Erotic Watches

Swiss auction tempts buyers with erotic watches

Great way to tell time.

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Here’s the front version I promised to make in my entry called, Bareback.

This time, I used a real horse for my lower half. I think it looks better this way.

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Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

Never mind her atypical private life, Liz is still one of Hollywood’s greatest icons. R.I.P.

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