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Why Hugh Jackman Eats “6,000 Calories a Day”

Let me share with you an awesome news item I recently read. It discusses topics that I like so much: eating and Hugh Jackman. Since I am on a strict diet,  it would be torture if we talk about food right now. So, let’s just dwell on Hugh Jackman.

First published at FHM Philippines, September 01, 2009 | 11:09AM

So my partner and I were making microwave popcorn one time. While waiting, we were re-enacting certain scenes from Wolverine a movie we had just seen the day before. It was a very entertaining movie starring Hugh Jackman, whom we shall note is in my Top Five M.I.L.F. list.

We all know what M.I.L.F. stands for: Mother I’d Like to Fuck. I took liberty and renamed it, Men I’d Like to Fuck. Also, I intentionally retained the word, “fuck,” because the only person I want to make love to is my partner; everybody else I will obviously just fuck (only if I get the opportunity to do so).

Now, if you are in a committed relationship, you are allowed to compile a list of five people you would like to have sex with. To make things fair, the person you are in a committed relationship with gets to compile his/her own list too. But the people in the list should be shared with one’s partner. I think that knowing who is in your partner’s list is very healthy. It gives people the opportunity to aspire to be like whoever these individuals are or pick up certain traits of those who are in the list. In other words, it is a great alternative of knowing who your partner likes, what he/she likes in a person and how he/she can be pleased.

However, the people in that list not only have to be celebrities, but celebrities you do not personally know or will never ever bump into – even in the most remote social situation. I mean, hey, I would not want to see any of my friends in his list.

So here is my Top Five M.I.L.F., as of today. It is also my way of finally telling people my type of guy – a question I get a lot these days.

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. Daniel Craig
  3. Christian Bale
  4. Sean Connery
  5. Brad Pitt

Okay, before you all start rolling your eyes about the Brad Pitt thing, just be glad I did not include John Smith from Disney’s Pocahontas because I was actually this close to putting him in my list.

I know this is difficult to believe but I am proud to say that my list has very little to do with appearance and everything to do with overall package. Are they driven? Are they responsible individuals? Do they care about people? Do they have a say about certain issues? Can they actually recite the alphabet without missing a letter? Also, a toned body helps. And of course, I will be honest and say that all the scenes where Hugh Jackman did not have a shirt on were very pleasing to my eyes.

Pardon me, but perhaps my use of the word “fuck” is too hyberbolized. Maybe I should have said, M.I.W.L.T.T.M.P.A., Men I Would Like To Throw My Panties At list, or, Y.M.I.W.L.T.E., Yummy Men I Would Love To Eat list. Anyway, you all get the message. So if you don’t have a list yet, do us all a favor and get one.

Of course, my partner has his own list. Here it is:

  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Megan Fox
  3. Kate Beckinsale
  4. Charlize Theron
  5. Milla Jovovich

And if you all must know, if we spot Angelina Jolie in the streets, I would gladly take off my man’s briefs and throw them at her face. That way, I would be doing a sweet and thoughtful gesture for my loved one.

So, who’s in your list?

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