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Hot Gorilla

Gorilla’s Upright Walk in the Park

I have to admit, he’s oozing with machismo.

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Asian Dyna’s World is celebrating its 100th photo with one of my all time favorite pics.

So far, it has been a blast. Thank you everyone and expect more posts to come.


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Cheating Girls

Girl with girl cheating OK, half of boyfriends say


Cheating is cheating…

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Drug Catapult

Smugglers with “medieval catapult” nabbed at border

They should’ve used a Trojan Horse.

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Social networking leads to sex faster?

So when these couples are finally having sex, I bet they would stop in the middle of making out to answer an incoming text.

Seriously, whatever happened to dating?

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How about some mythology or a somewhat different version of Godiva?

This is one fantasy of mine that will never come true!

But I had so much fun doing it. Give me a few days and I’ll do a front view version.

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