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First published at FHM Philippines, February 12, 2009 | 03:03PM

In a previous post few weeks ago, I asked you if you thought posting nude pics of yourself in the net is good or bad. I knew there was going to be a variety of reactions – and I would like to thank you for that.

I found myself completely absorbed and fascinated with your thoughtful opinions (here and through email). There was an assortment of answers, complete with views that I do not agree with. And that’s perfectly alright.

I do not think that you are an evil ogre if we do not share similar opinions. Two people may both believe in the same Christ but their levels of faith certainly vary. This is so because morality speaks of a person’s understanding and interpretation of certain principles that govern his or her own behavior. As such, if every single individual is unique, then every single view about morality is likewise unique.

Contrary to what some people believe, this isn’t a question I was going to use to justify my actions, or preach my views about the morality of the whole issue of my being an internet “closet exhibitionist.” In fact, my answer to the question is actually related to one of my many passions: the love for food.

I enjoy the experience of eating. I enjoy it too much that my practice is more often over-the-top. I love a good steak but it has to have the most marbling, cooked medium-rare, and paired with a cabernet sauvignon, at the very least. I cannot resist perfectly prepared vongole pasta made with the freshest clams and a glass of chianti. I often look for assorted sashimi with cold sake or Japanese beer. I enjoy sucking bone marrow from slow-roasted lamb shanks with a glass of strong Bordeaux. My peking duck must always be served at least two ways, and with light beer for drinks. My barbecues should always go with mojitos, and my chips, with margaritas.

Obviously, my love for food is excessive, ostentatious, and hedonistic. Hence, I do not think it is a good thing. But I will not deny myself this pleasure because I have the means for it and I delight in it. I am answerable to the consequences of my own extravagance. As long as my indulgence is done responsibly and I do not wrong other people, I don’t see why I should stop.

The same goes with my practice of posting nude photos of myself in this blog site. Like my love for food, it is excessive, ostentatious, and hedonistic. I do not think it is a good thing. It is bad, no questions, not a second thought. But like my love for food, I will not deny myself this pleasure because I have the means for it and I delight in it. Like my love for food, I am answerable to the consequences of my own extravagance. Like my love for food, as long as my indulgence is done responsibly, and I do not wrong other people, I don’t see why I should stop.

So if you will please excuse me, I am off to get myself a serving of cochinillo with ice cold sangria. Why? Because I have a craving for it and I know it will be so damn good.

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Let me ask you this question…

First published at FHM Philippines, February 06, 2009 | 11:04AM

Exchanging thoughts with you guys (through email and/or chat) is always interesting. Because of the nature of my photos, discussions often veer towards topics I’d rather not talk about. Case in point, morality and how I conform to the rules of right conduct. In all honesty, I hate dialogues about moral principles. It is in the same league as politics and religion, where discussions are endless and answers are neither right nor wrong.

But people seem really interested in my views about it. I feel that it has become like a pressing matter already. I even feel obliged to discuss my opinion about the morality of being an internet exhibitionist.

Before I give my thoughts on the matter, indulge me for a second and give me your own answers to this question:

Is posting nude photos of yourself in the internet good or bad?

I have my personal thoughts on this matter obviously, and I will write about this after a few days. I would like to hear your thoughts first. I am genuinely interested in your views and am excited to read your responses to the question.

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First published at FHM Philippines, May 22, 2009 | 05:27PM

Last week I asked this question: Which is more difficult to manage: a career or a relationship? In my case, managing a career is harder – by a mile, in fact.

Let me begin by talking about my work history. During the early part of my career, I worked for a couple of large corporations. My stints with both companies were not long. I have always had difficulty being an employee and reporting to bosses primarily because I do not like to play company politics, kiss asses, window dress and follow orders from superiors who I think are incompetent. After a few years in the corporate set-up, I decided that enough was enough. So I started my own company.

Right now, I am not completely exempted from playing company politics, kissing asses and window dressing. I still have to tolerate clients like Mr. Toxic and staff like Ms. Absent-Minded. I am a very straightforward person. I always speak my mind. Although repressing anger and emotions in my current set-up is not as brutal as being employed, biting my tongue and holding back still takes a lot out of me. I guess the only benefit of running my own company is not dealing with bosses.

To me, it always seemed that when it comes to work and career, there is nothing worth hanging on to. If things don’t work well for me, I can just check out, call it quits and try out other endeavors.

Although my relationship with my partner has caused its fair share of snags, I never even considered checking out and calling it quits. I think a lot had to do with the fact that I had less work experience compared to the number of relationships I was involved in. Don’t get me wrong, I have had only two serious relationships. Most of the relationships I refer to here are my dealings with people I have encountered in my life (like relatives, family, friends, etc.). Hence, with all that practice, I understood what energies are needed to make a relationship last. And when I started going out with my current partner, I knew he was the person whom I could make it work and with whom I wanted to make it work.

This does not mean that keeping a relationship is a drive on easy street. Although there are always unexplored paths and uncharted territories, maintaining a union has always come naturally to me. Right now, years into our relationship, my feeling of security and comfort has grown and is still growing. I feel that our relationship is like a rock that stabilizes me when I’m being jarred by everything else around me. To me, that is something worth hanging on to.

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I had a horrible day at work a couple of days ago.  Here’s a previous post that somewhat mirrors that incident.

First published at FHM Philippines, May 14, 2009 | 01:45PM

A few days ago was one of the most frustrating days of my life.  I actually had second thoughts about writing this blog because I did not want to bitch about my work.  But I thought that I just had to make an exception about this one.

We have this important client who is notoriously hard to find.  As far as I know, he’s not hiding and the word is that he is a really busy person.  It is always difficult to get stuff done in a timely fashion with this man unless you’re living in his timeline, which I’m not.  We’ll call him Mr. Toxic.  Mr. Toxic wanted to meet with me to discuss what he described as a very important matter.  It sounded easy but it was actually more complicated – his office is a two-hour drive from the city (barring traffic and the like).  I had no choice but to agree with the schedule.  Since the meeting will be about technical issues, I asked my sales engineer to join me in the meeting.

My sales engineer, Ms. Absent-Minded, and I had to get up earlier than usual to be on time for the meeting.  The drive was grueling.  Traffic was so bad because of a couple of stalled trucks we encountered on the way.  After driving for over three hours, we finally arrived at Mr. Toxic’s office.  To my dismay, the secretary told us that Mr. Toxic had to attend an emergency meeting.  I literally felt my blood boil.

Now what was wrong with that picture?  One, I have this rule in the office that my meetings have to be confirmed by my staff before I leave in case the other party unexpectedly becomes unavailable on that day.  Ms. Absent-Minded failed to do this.  Two, Mr. Toxic should have had the decency to inform me about his “emergency meeting.” Three, what the hell is an “emergency meeting?”  Last time I checked, Mr. Toxic was not a doctor.

I wanted to go wild and crazy but that was certainly not the right thing to do.  With maximum effort, I had to bite my tongue and suck everything in.  I grudgingly went back to my car and drove back to my office.  Driving back was even more dreadful because traffic was worse in the afternoon.  I got back to the office close to 5 pm.  Obviously, there was not much I could do towards the end of normal business hours.  It was an unproductive day – such a waste of time.

When I met up with my partner later that day, I was still in a bad mood.  My temper was so short that I lashed out at him and we had a fight over such a minor issue about food.  I guess all the pent-up anger and frustration towards my client and staff were selfishly released at my partner’s expense.  Hence, that time was not just a day of unproductiveness but also a day of heartache.

Of course, there are good days and there are bad days.  Right now, everything’s OK.  However, looking back at that day got me thinking.  What’s more difficult to manage, a career or a relationship? Do you find one easier than the other?  I actually wanted to post this episode and open it up for discussion.

I’m curious to know about your experiences first before I fill you in on my point of view about this argument.  I’m looking forward to reading your insights.

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Curvy vs. Skinny

Years ago, the norm for women’s figure seemed to be curvy and voluptuous. Now, it appears that lean and skinny are in. Personally, I prefer the curvy and voluptuous form. Women just look healthier that way.

How about you guys? Which do you prefer?

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I enjoyed reading your answers to this question by Cold feet:

Hi Asian Dyna,

Through some unfortunate sequences of events like in many romantic comedies, if you were to find yourself suddenly naked in public, would you cover your face, or your private parts as you ran to safety? You can’t choose both as you only have 2 hands :)

As for me…

Yes,  I have done a few photos outdoors. Yes, I was caught a few times.

Getting caught naked was so nerve-wracking that hiding my face or privates were the least of my worries. My first impulse was always to run to the nearest shelter and hide. Pretty much like a weaponless soldier running away from snipers – only naked.

I don’t think I will ever get used to the business of getting caught!

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An interesting question was raised by a reader named Cold feet.

Hi Asian Dyna,

Through some unfortunate sequences of events like in many romantic comedies, if you were to find yourself suddenly naked in public, would you cover your face, or your private parts as you ran to safety? You can’t choose both as you only have 2 hands :)

I have my answer, of course, but I would love to know what you all have to say first.

I’ll post my response after hearing from you guys.

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