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Am I pulling your leg? See for yourself…

First published at FHM Philippines, November 25, 2008 | 02:44PM

While the internet has made the world smaller and simpler than before, it has also made Internet users’ imaginations more boundless and more complex. Identities can easily be created to attain whatever purpose people have in cyberspace. When a person interacts with a total stranger in the web and is asked about his/her own character, there are two things he/she can do: Lie or tell the truth.

I receive many emails and YM pop-ins on a daily basis.  Many times I am asked questions concerning specific details about my personal life.  I have always felt that every question I get deserves an answer.  However, I have made a decision to remain anonymous in cyberspace.  At the same time, I cannot bring myself to fabricate replies.

It is so tempting for me to say that I am actually Marilyn Monroe, that my death was faked, and that I volunteered to be cryogenically frozen.  Now, I am out of the freezer and I look exactly the same as I was in 1962. But what good will this do?  Many people take time out to regularly look at my submissions and attempt to get to know me.  The least I can do in return is to give them an idea of who I really am.

What do I do when faced with this predicament?  I compromise.  I always tell the truth, but I speak in general terms – no specifics, please. I also decline questions that require me to reveal details about my identity.

I actually can talk about anything under the sun.  However, I will never be caught revealing my real name, my phone number, my home address, my workplace, my relatives, my friends or any other information that I feel will give my true self away.  Obviously, I will never entertain requests for web cams, phone calls, voice chats, and eyeballs.

I find it funny that most people get stumped after learning what my restrictions are.  More often than not, they get frustrated and struggle to think of what to ask or say to me.  Some people get mad, call me a snob, a fake or think that I am not interested in communicating.  Come on, peeps, there is no reason to go nuts.  There are actually people (like me) who choose to be secretive.  If you’re into revealing secrets on the web, or ASLs are important to you, then I am the wrong person to talk to.  No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to squeeze such information out of me.  It is all about respecting the other person’s online preferences.  Besides, there are so many topics to talk about aside from details concerning my identity.  The world does not revolve around my personal life.

Everybody is welcome to email me or pop in my YM whenever I am online.  As some of you already know, you will always get a reply.  However, keep in mind that there are things I do not wish to divulge – any other topic is fair game.

Let the truth be known that everything about Asian Dyna in cyberworld is real.  All that I write and talk about are who I really am in the real world.   Although there are limitations in the subjects I talk about, whatever I say is genuine and never invented.  The only thing made up about Asian Dyna is her name.

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Introducing the two me(s)…

First published at FHM Philippines, November 12, 2008 | 11:26AM

In cyberspace, you have had the pleasure of meeting my alter ego, Asian Dyna.  In the real world, however, I am a very different person.

I work in a company, which I partly own.  We are the exclusive importers of certain kinds of machinery.  The equipment we sell requires a hefty amount of capital expenditure.  Hence, the clients I meet on a daily basis are top executives.  Because I sell big-ticket items, my job also requires me to build relationships and develop trust and respect from the top heavyweights I deal with.  I am a very crafty businesswoman.  I have built quite a reputation in the industry I work in.

On the other hand, it can’t be just all work.  I have to have my fun. I enjoy life too much. If you’ve seen my pics at the Shameless gallery, the fun I’m referring to here is something naughty.  I wear nothing but a smile in all my photos.

It is gratifying to be able to escape from the real world and become Asian Dyna – to breakaway from restrictions and be carefree.  Posting photos at FHM has allowed me to do this.  I certainly cannot be Dr. Jeckyll all the time.  Through FHM’s Shameless section, I am able to transform into a Miss Hyde and temporarily deviate from the norms of what is expected of me in the society I live in.

I have always believed that it is okay to be playful sometimes as long as things are kept in check. A certain amount of responsibility has to be practiced. My priorities are in order.  My career and personal life are far more important than anything else.  This is why I will continue to live in two worlds: the real world and cyberworld.  I will make sure that my two worlds will always be separated and will never be connected.  Asian Dyna will remain faceless and anonymous in cyberworld completely detached from the real me in the real world.

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Here’s why I do what I do…

First published at FHM Philippines, November 05, 2008 | 02:29PM

I have been uploading photos at the Shameless section for almost one and a half years already. To date, I have about 200 provocative photos in the gallery.  Why do I do this? I do this because it is fun. I would like to answer this question lengthily but it really just boils down to one very simple reason: I enjoy posting photos. There is absolutely no science to it.

We all have guilty pleasures. People smoke, drink, go to prostitutes, do drugs, watch porn, etc. Posting erotic photos in the net happens to be my wickedness. I do not see anything wrong with this. Like other guilty pleasures, it is okay to indulge in it as long as everything is in check and things are done responsibly.

There is also no big story on how all this started. My man just asked me if he could take nude pics of me and post them in the net.  Because I have always loved trying out new challenges, especially adventures that not many people would actually try, I agreed without hesitation.  Posting raunchy photos in the net was one dare I could not pass up.  All that, plus the element of naughtiness were worth sinking my teeth into.

What do I get doing this?  Nothing financial.  It is all voluntary.  I do not get paid to regularly post pics.  I just do this on the side.  You can call this my sensual little hobby.

The rewards I get from my FHM adventure are different.  This whole experience has made my man so proud of me.  He looks at me with a lot more fire and passion.  It has definitely made our relationship even better.  The experience has also boosted my psyche.  I’ve never realized how magnificent it is to be a woman.

As long as I’m having fun, there is no reason for me to stop posting FHM pics.  The merits I get are just too priceless.

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For those who want to know who Asian Dyna is…

First published at FHM Philippines, October 28, 2008 | 12:22PM

For many months, I have uploaded hundreds of photos for FHM’s Shameless Section.  All this time, people who have seen my photos have conjured up versions of me in their minds.

  1. a girl-for-hire
  2. a kinky Guest Relations Officer
  3. a model
  4. a celebrity
  5. a daughter of famous parents
  6. a gay man
  7. a woman looking for a relationship
  8. an ex-girlfriend
  9. a stripper
  10. a sex guru
  11. a sex machine
  12. and my favorite: a woman who used to be a man (thanks to surgery)

It seems like we, sensual posers, are actually placed in a box and branded.  We just have to be one of the above. So, limiting! But to set things straight, I am none of the above.  I am not even aspiring to become any of the above.

I am just an ordinary girl.

Boring, huh?  Maybe not.  If you give it a thought, it is actually more exciting this way – an average Jane with a not-so-average pastime.

I can now be your next-door neighbor, your co-worker, your classmate, your teacher, your relative, your coach, your doctor, your cleaning lady.  I could also be the waitress in your favorite restaurant, the teller in your bank, the lady who sells you your sports shoes, the girl who shows you the latest cell phone models, the artist who designs your invitations, the pastry chef who bakes your favorite dessert, the barista who makes your cappuccino, the girl you speak to when you call for pizza delivery or the nurse who stitched up your wound.   We, sensual posers, can actually be a lot more than what you think.  It is not so limiting after all!

However, let us not forget that this is still cyberworld – and I will always be faceless in my pics.

Which means, regardless of all that I mentioned above, I still can be anyone you want me to be…

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