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Fake Testicles

Woman faces trial for fake testicles

Yeah, right. 😦

What about those vehicles with stickers of nude ladies?


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Photos were first published at FHM Philippines.

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RIP: Amy Winehouse

Troubled diva Amy Winehouse dead at 27

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Snore Control

Hotel snore controls aim to banish sleepless nights

Huh? What about those having sex, kids running up and down the halls, drunk guests, etc. Aren’t these louder than snores?

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Let me ask you this question…

First published at FHM Philippines, February 06, 2009 | 11:04AM

Exchanging thoughts with you guys (through email and/or chat) is always interesting. Because of the nature of my photos, discussions often veer towards topics I’d rather not talk about. Case in point, morality and how I conform to the rules of right conduct. In all honesty, I hate dialogues about moral principles. It is in the same league as politics and religion, where discussions are endless and answers are neither right nor wrong.

But people seem really interested in my views about it. I feel that it has become like a pressing matter already. I even feel obliged to discuss my opinion about the morality of being an internet exhibitionist.

Before I give my thoughts on the matter, indulge me for a second and give me your own answers to this question:

Is posting nude photos of yourself in the internet good or bad?

I have my personal thoughts on this matter obviously, and I will write about this after a few days. I would like to hear your thoughts first. I am genuinely interested in your views and am excited to read your responses to the question.

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Photo was first published at FHM Philippines.

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Beer and iPhone

How about a beer with your iPhone?

Very nice. This would make me want to get an iPhone.

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